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Top 5 Autumn-Winter Seasonal skin tips from a skin expert

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Autumn-winter season is knows to bring dry cold air that can easily cause dehydration, dryness, sensitivity to the surface of the skin.

It is particularly important to review your skincare routine and if necessary switch few things around.

1. Use lukewarm water when washing you face

If the skin is already sensitive it is particularly important to pay attention to the temperature of water you use to wash your face. Exposing epidermis to hot water on regular bases can cause blood capillaries dilation resulting in inflamed sensitized skin and redness that takes ages to calm down.
Using slightly colder water when cleansing helps to keep epidermal barrier intact and calms inflammation.

2. Revise your skincare routine

It is always good idea to review the products you use with new season in order to condition your skin and protect in in the best ways possible.
Skin is completely exposed to outside environment, it is important to have a think of what can give it best protection whether it is a switch to moisturizer with more nourishing base or change of exfoliating product from abrasive scrub to gentle but effective AHA.
One way to do it is to book for a skin consultation with skin expert who will help you choose correct skincare which will be personalized to your skin and lifestyle.

3. Invest in a Humidifier to Hydrate skin

Humidifiers help balance the humidity levels in the air, adding the moisture you skin needs. Skin has a protection barrier, which becomes more fragile if it is not hydrated and protected. It may start developing cracks, can become itchy and sensitive, resulting in exposure to damaging environmental factors such as pollution and bacteria
Retaining moisture in the air can help support the integral stricture of the protective skin barrier.

4. Use this season to your advantage and book Advance skin treatments

While the sun is not shining as bright and the outside temperatures are cooler then in summer months, it is the best time to schedule a course of skin peels or book yourself for micro-needing treatments.

If summer left you with hyperpigmentation or you had acne scarring that troubled you for a while, colder season serves you well as it is great time to tackle those skin concerns.

Both course of professional medium depth peels and professional micro-needing will deliver beautiful fresh completion with minimal down time. Always make sure to book your advanced skin treatments with a qualified skin specialist.

5. Remember to continue using SPF

It might seem like a summer skincare step but the UVA rays, which cannot be seen with our eyes can and do penetrate through colder days, cloudy weather. And as we all know, UVA rays are responsible for premature ageing of the skin - development of early lines and wrinkles and skin cancer.

Choose your sun protection wisely as not all are the same. Minimum SPF 30 is recommended for optimal epidermal protection, which incorporates protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared rays.
One of my absolute favorites is Dermaquest SheerZinc SPF 30, mineral sun protection, has both clear and tinted version, which gives all round protection for all skin types, great for skin with acne and for retinol users.


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