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Discover the Ultimate Skin Luxury: Exclusive Valmont Facials and Bespoke Spa Rituals

I would like to invite you to learn about a big industry secret: luxury facials by Valmont. Those who know keep the secret to themselves but I am here to give you a sneak peek into the world of luxurious powerfully effective serene skin experience.

In the tranquil haven of Olya Thomson Aesthetics' private clinic, you can immerse yourself in a world of curated, rejuvenating face and body skincare with exclusive Valmont facials and bespoke spa rituals.

Designed to provide holistic well-being and address various skin concerns, these exclusive treatments combine the most refined massage techniques and professional skincare formulas for impressive long-lasting results. This is the A-list clients' first choice of skin treatments before red-carpet events and appearances. Delve into the secret to lasting skin beauty with Valmont, a much-loved brand that has harnessed the power of Swiss cellular cosmetics for over 35 years, offering beautifully effective age-defying skin treatments.

A Legacy of Health and Well-Being

Plunge into a journey that traces its roots back to 1905 when Dr Henry-Auguste Widmer founded the exclusive Valmont Clinic. This cutting-edge institution, the first of its kind in Switzerland, was created to promote health and well-being. In 1985, the brand made an innovative discovery under the supervision of prominent cosmetologist Dr Nadja Avalle, leading to the creation of Valmont skincare. Combining the best of science and nature, Valmont was born, now combining a prestigious portfolio of over 100 skincare products and perfumes acclaimed worldwide.

Nature's Secrets Unleashed

Switzerland's untouched landscapes with pure air and clear water provide a perfect setting for Valmont to develop high-quality skincare products. The Phyto Alpine Garden located in the Swiss Alps, serves as the primary source of raw materials for Valmont's skincare formulas. Here, treasured plants like Rosa Moschata, Sea Buckthorn, and Echinacea are organically grown, each containing powerful natural ingredients.

The Arolla glacier, located at over 2,000 meters of altitude, is a pure source of glacial spring water which is the foundation and purest base for Valmont skin products. This perfectly balanced soft water increases skin cell metabolism and enhances the skin's natural defence system, responsible for the efficacy of Valmont's products.

In partnership with an honoured Swiss beekeeper, Valmont extracts the unique properties of the beehive for their most renowned L’Elixir des Glaciers anti-ageing collection. Honey, propolis, and royal jelly blended together in the Essence of Bees complex, a gold mine of age-defying elements.

Delve into the Illuminating Beauty: Valmont Luminosity of Ice Facial with Regenerating Collagen Mask

Indulge in the Valmont Luminosity of Ice Facial, a 75-minute expert faacial protocol that unveils a unified complexion with refined skin texture. This beautifully curated treatment improves the impact of stress, pollution, and modern-day demands, brightening dull, congested complexions and providing an immediate fresh, smoother and luminous appearance.

The Valmont Luminosity of Ice Facial uses a pore-refining, glow-boosting approach that targets the lack of luminosity using highly concentrated ingredients. Through multi-layering resurfacing professional skincare products and indulgent facial reflexology massage techniques, this facial delivers outstanding results, smoothing the skin and plumping out any fine lines.

The culmination of this transformative facial is the iconic Regenerating Collagen Mask. This highly potent collagen treatment mask was designed to plump and nourish the skin, it fades away wrinkles and fine lines, inflammation and redness leaving behind a radiant and revitalized complexion.

Healing Beauty: Valmont Glacial Vitality Facial with Regenerating Collagen Mask

This expertly crafted luxurious 75-minute facial treatment is specifically designed to combat the detrimental effects of stress, pollution, and the fast-paced demands of modern life. Ideal for tired, lacklustre complexions lacking muscle tone, this cellular renewal facial treatment works its magic by delivering transformative nutrients deep into the skin's layers.

Through a patented oxygenation and detoxifying process, this facial improves circulation, while incorporating Valmont's signature lymphatic drainage toning massage techniques for an unmatched rejuvenation experience. The pièce de résistance of this opulent treatment is the iconic Regenerating Collagen Mask, renowned for its plumping effects.

As fine lines and wrinkles fade away, the complexion is left with a radiant, revitalized and even-toned appearance. Experience the true vitality of glaciers and the power of regenerating collagen as you indulge in this highly tranquil facial experience, unlocking a youthful smooth energised complexion.

Olya Thomson Aesthetics is an exclusive North and North West London Valmont partner. Your local place to experience the ultimate skin and body pampering, where holistic well-being and visible results intertwine to reveal your inner radiance and unlock lasting, youthful beauty. Choose Valmont, and let your skin experience the epitome of luxury and care.

To book your Valmont experience with Olya head to the booking page.
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