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Exceed microneedling with Valmont Collagen Therapy

90 min treatment      £330

Medical Microneedling - Ultimate Collagen Stimulation Therapy

EXCEED comes with the highest level of industry approvals available. It’s FDA-approved as a class 2 medical device (the world’s first), clinically proven to treat acne scaring, clinically proven to reduce the depth of scars and normalise the skin structure.

Microneedling treatment is a healthy safe alternative to cosmetic surgery due to its exceptional results on the quality of your skin. From the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks and acne scaring, Exceed Microneedling treatment is suitable for individual skin goals.

It stimulates new collagen and elastin production by creating controlled injury to the skin. This procedure boosts the skin's repairing system resulting in firmer, softer radient skin with a more refined texture.

Exceed Microneeding Benefits:

* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

* Fades acne scars and stretch marks

* Help heal sun damage

* Improve the appearance of cellulite

* Reduces stretch marks

Iconic Valmont Regenerating Collagen Mask Treatment which is applied to the skin after needling uses the latest medical data to imbue the skin with reparative, dermo-tensor collagen. In just 30 minutes on the skin, the face looks transformed.




The treatment process:

Skin will be cleansed and prepared using professional Dermaquest skincare.

The treatment will start with a skin preparation, skin will be cleansed and sanitised. Individual areas of skin will be worked on in combination with chosen serums. Light discomfort may be present during the treatment.

You will then be placed under the Dermalux LED. This will charge skin cells for a better healing process and will boost collagen production on a deeper level. 

To elevate and bring this Microneedling to the highest level, the Iconic Valmont Regenerating Collagen Mask Treatment is added and kept on the skin for 30 minutes. 

Healing and hydrating serums and mineral SPF will be applied to the skin to finish the treatment.

Following your Microneedling treatment your skin will feel warm with mild redness and a slight discomfort similar to a mild sunburn for up to 24-48 hours.

It is important to treat your skin gently and follow your personalized skin care advice.
The treatment time is 90 min.

There is minimal downtime.

It takes between 3-8 treatments to achieve desired results based on individual concerns.

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Shot of cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection with dermapen on face for rejuvenation

Individual Treatment

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