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Top 5 Expert Skincare Tips for All Ages

Looking after our skin is as significant as looking after our body's health. Our skin is our largest organ, answering many of our health questions. Skin Vitality starts with routine, correct order and the right type of skincare individually chosen for each of us, as well as lifestyle factors.
skin treatments for flawless skin
Skin expert and facialist Olya Thomson

Though it is excellent to get a professional personalised prescription from a cosmetic expert, Here are top skincare tips you can implement in any skincare routine to improve your skin health and see long-term benefits:

1. Use a Gentle soap-free Cleanser and Cold Water to wash your face.

Choosing a soap-free cleanser for our daily routine might seem like a silly choice, after all, we want to remove dirt and debris accumulated on the skin throughout the day. I can assure you, switching your cleanser to a milk/or soap-free gel will simply be one of the best things for your skin.

best skin treatments
best skin treatments

Soap naturally strips the pH barrier from the surface of our skin, exposing it to dehydration, bacteria and environmental pollution. A balanced mild cleanser will remove your make-up, remove your SPF and improve your hydration levels while keeping your pH barrier intact. Very simple- very effective!

2. Put away your skin scrubs and start using Acids

Now and then most of us like to give our skin a deep exfoliation using grainy scrubby exfoliators. It might feel smooth straight after you use such products, however, the long-term use of grainy exfoliators can lead to micro-damage in the epidermis and skin can end up being reactive and sensitised.

Deep cleansing facial London
Deep cleansing facial London

My honest advice as an expert facialist, with over a decade in the guild of looking after people's skin- is that instant feeling is not worth it. I have seen so many clients with red

ness and sensitivity caused by scrubs, and the process of preparing the epidermal barrier is long.

Stick to effective acid-based exfoliators, Lactic acid for sensitive and reactive skin, and Salicylic and Glycolic acids for acne-prone, oily skin. You can always consult with your facialist to find you the perfect acid exfoliator if you are not sure where to start. Dear skin cells get dissolved by the acid and new beautiful luminous skin is revealed. It is my must-have for every age!

3. Always, always use SPF

A recent study showed that only 30% of 16-24 years olds know about significance of the UV protection. Sun exposure is the number one factor when it comes to premature skin ageing.

Using a daily SPF factor of 30 and above is the key to preserving healthy gorgeous skin. A very simple step that will protect you from developing lines and wrinkles.

There are two types of SPF: Chemical and Mineral. Chemic Spf absorbs into the skin like a dream. It works by trapping the heat inside the top layer of the epidermis, which in turn may cause a heat rash. Mineral Spf contains Zink Oxide and Titanium Dioxide creating a physical barrier on the skin reflecting the UV rays away from the skin. This makes a perfect protective canvas for sensitive skin, young skin, and skin that is going through advanced heat-inducing skin treatments.

4. Introduce facials into your routine

Deep cleansing facial London
Deep cleansing facial London

If you haven't yet experienced a great facial, now is as good a time as ever. Facial treatments can elevate your skin in a way that home skincare simply cannot. Professional chemical exfoliation, medical microneedling, LED phototherapy, and professional facial massage make an enormous difference to the quality of the skin, which simply cannot be achieved at home alone.

Consulting with a skin professional to advise where to start with facials would be the first great step in getting the best facial experience.

5. Massage your face daily

Facial massage is a time-appreciated practice that has been used for many centuries to promote skin health and wellness. It includes gently massaging the face and neck in upwards motions which encourage increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. By stimulating these processes, facial massage will help your skin look more vibrant and youthful.

Even 5 minutes a day, a facial massage would do wonders for your skin at any age. Massage your skin in upwards motions from the centre of your face towards the hairline and down the neck helping with lymphatic drainage and creating a flawless complexion.

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